CES® 2024 wrapped up earlier this month, and it set a compelling technology narrative for the year ahead. With 4300+ exhibitors, including a record 1400+ startups from around the globe, CES showcased the innovative trends shaping tomorrow and solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

CES 2024 Highlights

“How Will AI Impact the Jobs of the Future?” panel

Watch the on-demand recording of the IEEE panel at CES.

Artificial Intelligence: AI led the global conversation at CES 2024. Companies highlighted the enormous potential of AI to improve our world with cutting-edge applications that will transform how we communicate, do business, and take care of one another.

Mobility: Exhibitors displayed the ecosystem of mobility, with global unveils highlighting the future of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, micro-mobility, software-defined vehicles, and flying cars, plus the future of assistive mobility and safety systems.

Digital Health: Tools and technologies aimed at lowering costs, improving health equity, and saving lives were highlighted. Innovations included digital therapeutics, mental wellness, sleep tech, women’s health tech, and telemedicine.

Accessibility & Innovation for All: CES 2024 fostered a platform centered on universal design for the diverse tech industry to come together and converse on the next wave of innovation.

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