The Life Member Committee (LMC) has announced the winners of the IEEE Life Members Affinity Group (LMAG) Achievement Awards and IEEE Life Members Individual Service Awards.

IEEE LMAG Achievement Awards

2022 LMAG Award presented to IEEE Lone Star

The 2022 Global LMAG Achievement Award goes to the IEEE Lone Star LMAG in recognition of outstanding service provided to its members and the local community in accordance with IEEE goals and objectives. They were selected from 6 Regional LMAG Achievement Award winners and are considered the best LMAG of the year. They win US$2000 toward local activities plus a plaque and up to US$2000 for travel to an event to receive the award.

Regional LMAG Achievement Awards

This year, for the first time, candidates for Regional LMAG Achievement Awards were submitted in 6 Regions in 2022. These winners are considered the best LMAG in their Region this year. They win US$500 toward future activities and a plaque.

  • Region 1 – North New Jersey LMAG, Chair, Michael A. Miller
  • Region 3 – Florida West Coast LMAG, Chair, Richard E. Beatie
  • Region 5 – Lone Star LMAG, Chair, Scott Atkinson
  • Region 8 – Germany LMAG, Chair, Hagen Hultzsch
  • Region 9 – Argentina LMAG, Chair, Gustavo A. del Pino
  • Region 10 – Delhi LMAG, Chair, Dr. Harbans Lal Bajaj

Life Members Individual Service Awards

This is the first year that the LMC has awarded the Global Life Members Individual Service Award and Regional Life Member Individual Service Awards to those Life Members who have provided exceptional and valuable service to the Life Member organization.

Global Award:  Dr. G. Thomas Bellarmine

Thomas Bellarmine

Dr. Bellarmine is a IEEE Life Senior Member and Registered Professional Engineer. He holds B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, M.S. in Computer Science. He is Emeritus Professor of Electronic Engineering Technology at Florida A&M University. He is a past Region 3 Life Member Coordinator, past Tallahassee Section Chair, and is currently Tallahassee LMAG Chair and Section Treasurer.

Region 1: Lou Luceri

Lou Luceri Headshot

Mr. Luceri is a IEEE Life Senior Member. He had a 38-years career as a Technical Specialist in optical and electro-optical displays for aircraft and aerospace programs and worked as an Independent Consultant in display systems. Lou is Past Director of Region 1, a Millennium Medalist, and William W. Middleton Award recipient. He is past Chair of the Life Member Committee and a past Life Member Region 1 Coordinator.

Region 7: Dr. John Harris


Dr. Harris holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering. He was involved in development of land-line telephone, telephone standards, and introducing credit cards to the payphone. He has been involved with London & Hamilton IEEE sections of Canada in all officer positions and was Chair of Canada Life Member Committee. He has been treasurer for several Canadian technical conferences.

Region 8: Dr. Georgi Marko Dimirovski


Dr. Dimirovski holds B.S., M.S., Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is a retired Research Professor of Automation and Systems Engineering at Doctoral School FEIT, St. Cyril and St. Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia. During his career he taught universities in Turkey, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, and England. He has published numerous journal articles and conference papers. He served 2 terms on the Executive Council of the European Science Foundation. He is currently Academician and Vice-President of International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Science.

Region 9: Gustavo Adrian del Pino

Gustavo Adrian del Pino Headshot copy

Mr. del Pino holds a M.S. in Computer Science; along with a MBA and post-graduate studies from Harvard Business School. He has been National Director of Information Technologies and National Director of Standardization and Technical Assistance of Argentina. He has over 20 years teaching experience at the School of Engineering of Universidad Austral and University of Buenos Aires along with other schools. He has represented Argentina at Regional IT meetings.  He is currently Argentina LMAG Chair.

Region 10: Dr. Harbans Lal Bajaj


Dr. Bajaj holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is a Life Fellow of Institution of Engineers (IEI), IEEE (USA), IET (UK), All India Management Association and Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering. He was Chairperson of Central Electricity Authority in India, where he was involved with developing Hydro Power and planning Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear, and renewable Power to make India self-sufficient in Power. He has been very active in IEEE as Chair of Delhi Section, Chair of India Council, Director of Region 10, and currently as Chair of Delhi LMAG.