A recent article on the IEEE Foundation’s website talks about the IEEE Life Members Conference and underscores the ways the IEEE Foundation and Life Members work together to give back to humanity. Highlights of the article include:

Donor Recognition

Donor-Recognition-Life-Members-Conference-2024-Jacob-Kulangara-John-McDonald-Harriett-Wolfman-Howard-Wolfman-Carolyn-Andrews-Mike-AndrewsAmong the attendees were donors to the IEEE Life Members Fund, which received gifts from more than 3,000 donors in 2023. These donors, who give an average gift of US$91.13, support programs that enhance the activities of Life Members, potential engineers, engineering students, and professionals worldwide.

(to the right) Three presentations were held to recognize “Honored Philanthropists” of the IEEE Heritage Circle and “Forever Generous” donors of the IEEE Goldsmith Legacy League.

IEEE’s Philanthropic Programs

Throughout the conference, a handful of IEEE’s Philanthropic programs were central to the attendee experience:

  • IEEE History Center Oral History Program: Mary Ann Hellrigel, Ph.D., IEEE History Center Institutional Historian, Archivist, and Oral History Program Manager, led a session titled ‘Voices Captured, Memories Saved, and History Preserved ‘. During her talk, attendees were treated to a peek at examples from the Center’s vast Oral History Collection, discovered how to get involved, and learned who among them had previously conducted an interview.
  • IEEE Global Museum: At the conference, attendees were shown a pilot of the first traveling exhibit, Unseen Signals: Edwin H. Armstrong’s Radio Revolution. The exhibit aims to educate the general public about Armstrong’s life and achievements and reveal his vital role in creating our wireless age.
  • IEEE MOVE: Attendees toured the truck and saw its impact firsthand. While onsite, MOVE recruited several new volunteers to assist with expanding its activities within Texas.
  • HKN 120th Anniversary Reception: As part of the anniversary celebration, HKN Members (and friends) gathered at the conference to celebrate. Attendees cheered as HKN leadership, past and present, cut a special cake!

John Impagliazzo with IEEE Global Museum

Directors and Donors Share Their Insights

As part of the conference agenda, attendees were able to hear directly from two IEEE Foundation Directors and donors: IEEE Foundation Director Karen Panetta, IEEE Foundation Vice President Development John McDonald, and IEEE Foundation donor David Sandhu.

This inaugural IEEE Life Members Conference was designed to engage Life Members and technologists of all ages by creating new connections, learning from interesting speakers, and traveling to a new location. This conference and other Life Members Committee initiatives are funded by donations to the IEEE Life Members Fund. You can learn more about the Fund or make your donation today.